Do The Things That Empower You

Do The Things That Empower You

Just as someone can need to eat certain things to function at their best, they can also need to do certain things to be able to feel empowered. As a result of this, if they don't do certain things, they won't be able to feel strong and alive.

Do The Things That Empower You

However, if someone has felt disempowered for a while or for their whole life, they might not realize this. How they experience life will have just become the norm, meaning that they could be completely consumed by what is taking place

Stepping Back

For this to change, it will be essential for them to mentally detach from what is going on and to reflect on their life. This will allow them to see that there is a reason why they are experiencing life in this way.

If one has felt empowered in the past, it could soon become clear why they have ended up in this position. There could be a number of things that they used to do that they no longer do.

For Example

Many years ago, they may have gone to the gym, spent time with friends, traveled and taken part in other hobbies, for instance. But after something took place in their life, they might have stopped doing these things.

Although it would have seemed as though these were just things that they did, these would have been things that allowed them to feel connected, strong and alive. Therefore, not doing them would have wakened them.

The Reason

As to why they stopped doing certain things, it could be due to a number of reasons. Perhaps one experienced a loss or had a breakup, something that would have had a big impact on them.

What took place would have disrupted them, taking away their desire to do the things that they would have usually done. And, by not doing these things, they would have gradually felt worse over time.

Another Experience

On the other hand, if one has always felt disempowered, there is the chance that they have rarely done things that empower them. For someone like this, they will need to try different things out to be able to see what works for them.

Naturally, this is not going to take place overnight, but it will happen as long as they keep going. If there is something that they have wanted to try for a while, they should give it a go.

Final Thoughts

What this comes down to is that one is an interdependent human being; they are not their own island. So if they don't do the things that they need to do, they will be a watered-down version of themselves.

Consequently, the strength and energy that they need to live a fulfilling life won't be available. Providing one takes the first step and keeps going, they may find that it doesn't take long for their life to change.

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