Facebook uses Oculus user data to target apps and events

Facebook uses Oculus user data to target apps and events

Earlier, in September, Oculus announced that its users must log in to the platform through Facebook. This is necessary to gain access to chats, events, sharing on Oculus TV and adding friends.

Thus, the data of those users who do not use the platform through Facebook will not receive social networks. When answering the question of whether it is true that “Facebook servers never receive information collected from VR headsets about a user for advertising targeting,” the company representative replied that “nothing changes regarding the data on the device, they’re still stored locally on headsets and not used for targeting. "

The company explains the policy update by the fact that over time, more functions will be launched on the Oculus platform to make the virtual ecosystem more social.

In December, it became known that controllers would not be needed to work with Oculus Quest since the device is already equipped with cameras for capturing hand movements. Users can apply the Oculus Quest option in the basic applications of the system.

To start tracking hand movements, you need to update the helmet software to version 12. The option is turned on in the "Experimental Functions" section. You can try it in Oculus Browser, Oculus TV and the main menu of the system. Switch control between controllers and motion capture using the toggle switch in the root menu.

The update is not intended for Rift and Rift S helmets, nor will it work if you connect Quest through Oculus Link to a PC.

Prior to this, Facebook bought the Czech company Beat Games, which will become part of the Oculus Studios brand. The studio will support the cross-platform VR-game Beat Saber. Developers will add a review mode and new music to the Beat Saber 360ยบ by the end of the year.

In addition, Facebook will launch a new mobile application, Facebook Viewpoints, through which the company will receive feedback from users to improve its products, including Oculus. After registering in the application, each user for participating in different studies and surveys will receive a certain number of points as a reward, which can be converted into money using PayPal.

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