Samsung accused of installing spyware on laptops

Samsung accused of installing spyware on laptops

The company Samsung initiated an investigation into the appearance on the factory laptops of the R Series family of spyware (software), according to Network World. The reason for this was the complaint of one of the buyers.

Samsung accused of installing spyware on laptops

NetSec Consulting Corp, Mohamed Hassan, a specialist in information security, discovered spyware on his new Samsung R525 during a basic virus scan of the system. In particular, the laptop had a StarLogger keylogger, which records every keystroke in all applications, including when writing letters, messages, editing documents and filling out forms on various websites. After spyware was discovered, Hassan deleted it.

 Later, he purchased a more powerful laptop from this R540 series, as the first had to be handed over to the store due to problems with the monitor. However, a keylogger was also found on it. Hassan believes that spyware installs Samsung. In turn, the South Korean manufacturer denies any involvement in the installation of such programs.

 At the same time, Samsung noted that they had not encountered such a problem before, but nevertheless took the received information seriously. It is worth noting that in 2005 Sony BMG Music Entertainment released 15 million music discs with First 4 Internets XCP and MediaMax recorded on them.

The software penetrated the user's computer even if he refused to install them. After this application, we monitored whether the music was transferred from the disks to the computer and how these files were subsequently used. Investigation of the incident took place in 40 US states. Sony had to pay compensation in the amount of $ 575 million.

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