Staying Healthy Is About Good Body Maintenance

 Staying Healthy Is About Good Body Maintenance

Some are born with an inbuilt knowledge of what one's body needs. Others are simply misguided and crystal rectifier by fashion, popularity, and peer pressure into things that ought to be avoided. There is also the body's willingness or otherwise to partake of harmful substances. In my case, my body could not tolerate chemicals or anything that affected the brain. 

 Staying Healthy Is About Good Body Maintenance

The lessons learned square measure that what we tend to do after we square measure young has sway on aging and on what diseases and handicaps we'll face as the years pile up. smart body maintenance is regarding avoiding something venomous which includes even dangerous rides at carnivals.
The latest fad is to take rides on vehicles that cause a drop and sudden stop, as in some crazy fairground roller coaster adventures. Watching one amongst these recently it had been laborious on behalf of me to believe that individuals not solely place their own bodies in danger however that of their youngsters within the name of getting fun. The human brain is soft and very easily damaged.

The body warns of close danger through the adrenaline glands and also the sensation that a lot of notice addictive. As adrenaline flows it increases the heart rate and provides us with a flight or fight experience. In other words, it prepares for recovery from harm.

As the body jerks into a sudden stop, the cranium and brain collide. This causes a degree of bruising and can even result in death or paralysis. But that doesn't have to happen immediately as a delayed response may see the effects of concussion several hours or even a day after the event.

Headaches; nausea; dizziness; memory problems; irritability; as well as balance and sleeping difficulties may follow. Look at these symptoms and compare them to those of Alzheimer's or dementia patients. With the latter, there are huge changes in brain functions that include memory loss. While there is no proven correlation to support the linking of the two it doesn't mean it is not correct.

Drugs also affect the brain and taking pills on a regular basis may also be leading to the onset of Alzheimer's or dementia. While there are no studies to prove this is the case it's still a matter of common sense.

If one is looking for a fitness regime then start with the brain and all other things will surely follow. It has the ability to tell us when we are going wrong. Drugs, on the other hand, interfere with that side of nature. We educate the brain by what we tend to do to our bodies. If we tend to stuff ourselves with things like sweets and alcohol, and tell it that the odd epinephrine rush is OK, then changes therein vital organ will impel us to take more of it.

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