The best and Top Ipad Apps you must know

      The best and Top Ipad Apps that you must know

The best and Top Ipad Apps that you must know

The application is positioned as an assistant for professional designers, but its attractive design is optimal for anyone who wants to create beautiful drawings in just a few minutes. Additionally, you can create mirror paintings and much more. It is considered one of the best applications for creating calligraphy. The application contains ready-made templates, brushes and many fonts. The application is paid, but the fee is paid once.
procreate App

A    Adobe Lightroom CC

Used to process photos. It is not a full-fledged replacement for Photoshop, but its functionality is practically not inferior to the program. The presented tools allow you to process saved pictures and photos using a wide selection of tools. Additionally, you can create your own filters. When you sign up, it becomes possible to synchronize with the full version of the program, but for basic photo editing, a free version is enough.
Adobe Lightroom CC App

      Microsoft Outlook

It is considered one of the most comfortable mail agents for Apple products. The application is multifunctional, stable and able to replace other mail programs. It combines immediately a mailbox, a calendar, and several gigabytes that are additionally allocated for storing data in the cloud. The application is free, but to expand the amount of cloud storage you need to pay extra.
Microsoft Outlook App

      Affinity photo

The photo editing program is especially popular among iPad users. It is possible to add several layers using various blending techniques and masks, their number depends on the particular photo. The application supports more than a hundred options for brushes. For the most accurate processing of some details, adaptation for Apple Pencil is used. RAW supported. Additionally, you can download PSD files to the device and process it when necessary. The application is paid.
affinity App


The video editor application has the widest possible functionality. The program also supports 4K processing. The presented tools allow you to simultaneously process three tracks in video and audio. Additionally, there are features such as trimming tracks, support for slow-mo, transitions, mixing audio and text overlay on the video. The application is paid and is always available in the official iPad store.
Lumafusion App


The application allows you to work with PDF documents. The tools used to allow you to add comments, highlight paragraphs in texts, and much more. Additionally, you can open links using the built-in browser, without leaving the application.
Expenditures on applications usually occupy a special niche in the budget, in order to track all expenses, careful accounting is necessary. The Cubux app will help. The financial accounting program allows you to comfortably track all expenses and draw up a budget for both one person and the family budget.

LiquidText App

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