5 Best Tips For Email Marketing

5 Best Tips For Email Marketing

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Email is a very powerful marketing tool, but many businesses do not realize its potential. Here are 5 ways to improve your email campaign.
  1. Customize email content
Most marketers are aware of the benefits of personalizing email content, but most do not take it seriously. A personalized email is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of email marketing. According to statistics, personalized emails generate 6 times more customer feedback than non-personalized emails.
Personalization does not mean simply including the contact's name in the first part of the email. It means dividing the audience into several groups. Then, you can send the most relevant emails for each group. A website that specializes in weddings did this by asking: Are you shopping for a couple, or for a couple? This way they split the audience into two groups and can control what is sent to both groups.
  1. Avoid using some words
Spam filters exist to prevent malicious emails from being distributed to the audience. Of course, spammers use words that businesses themselves tend to use. So filters are becoming more sophisticated, allowing only emails only real emails in the inbox of people. Therefore you should minimize the use of words like "offer", "50% discount" or similar words.
  1. Change the time of sending emails
The goal here is to catch people who have just opened the email to check it out or are doing it. This will display your email at the top of your inbox list. The longer it takes to send your email until the customer logs in, the less chance that your email will be read.
It's also not a good idea to send out promotional emails at a time when everyone is doing the same thing, so try shipping over the weekend. Studies say most businesses do not start weekend campaigns, so you will have less competition.
  1. Make sure you have a good list of email addresses
Often the greatest pride of some entrepreneurs is to show how many people have on their email list. Long lists, however, are of no value unless the people in them are engaged.
There are many ways to make sure your email list is engaged. It requires removing some old and inactive subscribers, but in the end, it will help you run more lucrative campaigns. The first thing is to check the addresses that have been repeated several times. You can also use services that verify email addresses. These services find the addresses inactive and remove them from your list.
  1. Optimize email for mobile
The number of people who open emails on their phones is greater than those who use desktops. To ensure the effectiveness of your campaign, optimize the content for these devices. Some tips:
  • Don't write long sentences in 'subject'
  • Use single-circle email designs
  • Keep email design below 600 pixels
  • Use larger font (13 or 14 pixels)

Email marketing can be the best way to grow your business. For more than a decade, it has remained the most profitable form of digital marketing. Still, many businesses forget to optimize their campaigns to maximize potential revenue. So, make sure that the personalization of the content you submit is at the right level and don't fall into the same trap as your competition.

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