5G is coming - How it can change our lives

5G is coming - How it can change our lives  

On mobile, tablet or computer, football in 4K / 8K live. Or with a virtual reality broadcaster, the same match is seen as if we were in the stadium. Match that we can also see from the  "driver's seat" seat, given that our car will be self-driving. The example of a football match can serve to understand how 5G can change the lives of citizens and users.

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As a football match can be an online game, a live concert or a television series; or even public services (telemedicine). But the example of the game is indicative of the clearest way to understand how 5G will succeed on the one hand to bring internet services with unimaginable quality and reliability before; on the other hand to do the service in different contexts, home, road, hospital, car, etc. All this thanks to the features of the new technology .

5G features will enable a major leap forward in terms of resolution (4K now, 8K in the coming years) and (most of all) realtime heavy weight content management capacity. Spectacles and matches live. But also 4K video calling, with simultaneous access to content services during phone calls .

5G can manage to replace or supplement terrestrial digital for linear transmissions. In this sense it is being experimented in Baviera. Said more banally, 5G can improve signal coverage, especially indoor; but for that we have to wait for 2022 (and on) with the new 700 MHz frequencies.
In the end, 5G will enable us to have a super-wide bandwidth and a variety of gigabits even in areas where fiber cannot reach, thanks to the fixed wireless access that different companies will have.

Virtual-holographic reality for entertainment, communication, learning

5G , mobile, tablet or computer , Virtual-holographic , communication, learning , 5G project , virtual reality broadcaster , new technoloy

5G will have widespread fantasy use. In San Pietroburg last year an experiment was held during the World Cup, with real-time content recorded in Moscow. But also at the opening of the American Golf Cup (in collaboration with Fox Sports, Intel, Ericsson, AT&T). In virtual reality 5G can also be didactic content, to catapult us into a lesson in the world's leading universities, with a 3D view.
An image project of learning in this form was presented as an experiment by Vodafone in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, Huawei and Qualcomm.

In public cars and vehicles

5G will make cars more intelligent - enabling self-driving cars to communicate in real-time with other networks and machines - and rich in content. At the same time, the presence of a guaranteed quality capillary network will favor traffic control and traffic thanks to 5G network sensors and camcorders.

In Stockholm, the first unmanned buses have welcomed 12 passengers and are in service between the Kista shopping center and Victoria Toer in the very city. Traveling by reservation 20 kilometers per hour. It's an experiment with the Nobina bus company, with Ericsson, SJ, KTH, Klövern, Urban ICT Arena and the city of Stkholm.

The system to connect all traffic lights is already in Amsterdam, for now with 4G, but then with 5G (nationally). Gathers information on people and cars on the go and optimizes real-time traffic flows. The EasyMile 5G autonomous minibus, introduced by Telefonica, is self-guided and has multimedia services and virtual office applications used during the journey.

5G will also be implicated in health by favoring tele-surgery with robots, teleconsultation, and patient telemonitoring.

The Telemedicina 5G project promoted and funded by the Bari Matera 5G Consortium, in collaboration with IROCS Giovanni Paolo II, UOC Ematology and Cell Therapy, Tim, Fastway and Huawei, for oncology-selected patients at the time gets out of the hospital and goes home. Thanks to patient-related sensors and data sent to a control center, post-chemotherapy home treatment is possible.

There are also more specific examples :

As an ambulance for example connected to 5G, a project implemented by Vodafone with
IRCSS Ospedale San Raffaele, Lombardy Region - Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza,
Italian Red Cross - Milan committee, in collaboration with Altran. 5G allows highresolution video calls through which doctors, connected to the hospital, can perform a first patient diagnosis (with a facial recognition system) while reading vital parameters
recorded on the sensors

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