7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

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The introduction of social media tools into our lives forced the brands to exist in these channels. In the first stage, "I do not trust online shopping," said Turkey now ranks 11th worldwide. For this reason, search engines filled with advertisements for big and small brands. The current stage is “to beat the competitors.” In fact, marketers speak the key points at every opportunity. A newly established or structured brand; should be "customer-oriented", "avoiding repetition", "with personalization content" and "may create a trend". But how?

1) properly structured website

Whether you are a newly established small brand or a well-established company that has changed, it is a website that will save your life in the first place. Having a knowledgeable and easy-to-understand, practical design about SEO is the basic conditions to win Google's sympathy. It is highly recommended to get the help of a specialist by not saying “Our nephew is dealing with these issues”.

2) Determining Social Media Strategies

You have opened your site, now which channel will you call out to your customers? Let me be on Facebook, let me like on Instagram, what is missing from Pinterest? Such a multi-channel approach may bring confusion along with failure. Therefore, first of all, know your target audience very well and try to learn the channels they spend time with. If you sell baby clothes, you need to know how useful the visual content will be to you, you should follow the mother-baby platforms and how vital it is to search with the appropriate hashtags. If you ask me to reach both the mother, father, and grandparents, you will lose your time and money in vain. Because, as you can imagine, the target audience at this point is “mothers”.

3) Traditional Advertising Channels

Concentrating your advertising strategies only on social media and Google Adwords will cause you to miss the “traditional channel” that still has a huge audience. For this reason, you should evaluate TV and Billboard advertisements in line with your budget, which is one of the most important factors in increasing brand awareness. Because while creating perception reminders only with internet users, it is possible to appeal to both segments with TV and/or Billboard. Spending more than 80% of its annual turnover on advertising, Coca Cola has been proving for years how accurate it is.

4) Event Sponsorship

Brand awareness means settling on the perception of consumers. Choosing and sponsoring the most suitable activity for your brand and target audience will help you to be recognized by a wider audience, as well as being identified with that event. Nobody knows the Master-Card / Champions League relationship.

5) Product Placement

Placing your products or services on the TV programs that your target audience watches the most and that best suits your brand image will also make your job much easier. If you offer a boutique hotel service, you can take part in the most suitable scenario through agencies, or you can be the marketing of the jewelry. Being the brand that uses product placement most in the global market is Apple, which proves how easily every product it produces becomes a trend.

6) Unconventional Advertising Channels

By using the online method, both advertising with less cost and supporting the eco-system will increase your brand image positively. The important detail at this stage is by creating a viral campaign, you will both talk about yourself and spread the story you created. Applications and games used on smartphones will reach your consumers quickly from your guess by word of mouth. You remember the Evian dolls that adorned everyone's profile last year. It suddenly became a trend and had a strong increase in sales rates. Evian also captured the image of a cute, healthy and trendy brand, using the image of a baby.

7) Taking part in Local Events

Attending or hosting a local event in your region is also known as the last step in increasing brand awareness. Since many of the local events take place free of charge for the public, you will appeal to more consumers and have the opportunity to meet them. This undoubtedly Fanta Youth Festival is one of the best brands in Turkey implements. This concert, which can buy tickets by collecting 3 covers, sells at the same time as it does its marketing.

Although the above items seem to be the main points in the eyes of the marketers, it is worth noting how important the concepts of "time" and "right strategy" are and the fact that the brand image created in case of being ignored is inevitable.

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