HOW TO LOCK THE SCREEN ON iPhone 2020- Step by Step Guide

HOW TO LOCK THE SCREEN ON iPhone 2020- Step by Step Guide

Screen Lock on iPhone 2020- The iPhone is an amazing mobile device that everyone would like to own. The mobile device is also equipped with modern and advanced features, which makes it stand out from other mobile devices. We will discuss a feature of it which is how to lock the screen on the iPhone. This is an important feature introduced to enhance the personalization of your phone. This is as a result of many users surfing the Internet asking how to lock the screen on the iPhone, and we have grown to respond to their request. As such, This article is focused on How to lock screen on iPhone 2020 with a step by step guide.

HOW TO LOCK THE SCREEN ON iPhone , Screen lock on iPhone , How To Set Time Auto-Lock On


The Screen Lock feature on the iPhone serves two purposes. The first thing that happened to be important reasons to guide your phone out is accessed by unauthorized users, while the second purpose is to enable you to easily and quickly access some of the 1/5

Screen lock on iPhone

iPhone's features like camera, Syria, Control Center among others. however, some actions can be done on your iPhone Lock screen Depending on how to customize the screen lock customization.

Maybe you have been finding it difficult to set your iPhone lock screen, don't worry as we
will help you with some of the easiest and fastest steps you can follow.
Below are some of the solutions offered for your question on how to lock the screen on the iPhone

How To Set Time Auto-Lock On iPhone

The auto-lock on the iPhone is designed to make the phone sleep (Sleep Mode) or lock your phone after it detects that there is no activity going on. If your iPhone is in auto-lock, then you can perform some settings to set the auto-lock time. ideally, your iPhone should automatically turn off after two minutes after the default setting, but this can be alternated if you are not satisfied with the default deadline. To set your Screen auto-lock time, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Settings panel from the Home screen.
sStep 2: Click on "Display & Lighting" from the displayed options. The Screen and Lighting
menu allows you to manage all the settings related to display on your device.

step 3: Click on "Auto-Lock" to open the menu.
Step 4: Tap on your time that suits you (you have 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3
minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes and never time options)

Step 5: Once you're done with this, tap the screen & Lighting button located at the top
left to go back.

Lock iPhone Screen by Enabling AssistiveTouch

Step 1:
Open your phone's Settings panel

Step 2: Find "General" and then "Accessibility".
Step 3: Scroll down and click on "AssistiveTouch" and tap the toggle to enable it. The
toggle will turn green when the feature is enabled.

Step 4: A small dark square embedded in the middle with a white circle will appear on
the edge of your phone screen. Drag this square icon to a convenient angle on your

Step 5: Tap the circle icon to expand the AssistiveTouch menu, then tap "device" to
access specific device commands.
Step 6: You will see the “Block Screen” icon at the top of the page. Tap the "Lock Screen"
icon once to lock the screen of your iPhone.

 tap the Home button to turn on or wake your iPhone from sleep mode.
Use the On / Off Button to lock the screen on iPhoneYou can even use the power button on your iPhone to lock the screen. To do this briefly
tap the on / off button and then slide your finger right on the screen. Once this is
complete, your screen is expected to be locked.
You can also customize your lock screen. There are some activities that you can
implement when your iPhone is in Screen Lock mode. Especially you can customize your
lock screen.
Wallpaper Lock Screen on iPhone.Your iPhone shows an image when your screen is on the lock screen; This is known as
the background. Apple's default wallpaper can be changed directly from your lock

Step 1: Settings open from the Home screen

Step 2: Click on Wallpaper
Step 3: Click on Choose a New Background
Step4:  Select the location of the new wallpaper you want to use
Step 5: Select the image you want to use
Step 6: You can move and scale or pinch-to-zoom the image for exactly how you want it
Step 7: Click on Set
Step 8: Click on Set Lock Screen. This will only change the wallpaper of your iPhone

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