the 14 heroes wolves

the 14 heroes wolves

wolves ,  US Yellowstone National Park , and rivers. Mushrooms, ducks, and fish appeared in remote areas,

In 1995, "14 wolves" were launched in the US Yellowstone National Park, with a huge area of ​​about 4000 square miles. Scientists did not suspect that the park's entire ecosystem was radically altered.

There were no wolves in the garden for 70 years, the deer spoiled there all the time, and over the years of uncontrolled reproduction there was massive damage to plant life,.

Of course, the 14 wolves did not eat all the deer but forced them to choose places for grazing carefully and avoid some parts of the garden, the plants began to grow and live. For 6 years, the number of trees increased five times, beavers that needed trees to build dams appeared on waterways and rivers. Mushrooms, ducks, and fish appeared in remote areas, reducing wolves from the jackal, Fadi to increase the number of wild rabbits and mice, and in turn attracted hawks, vultures, pests, and bears to the garden.

But most surprisingly, wolves changed the course of the rivers. Their channels were straightened and stabilized, coastal erosion decreased all this because the effect of wolves on deer led to the massive growth of trees and grass on the banks of rivers, which strengthened them the geography of the park itself changed, thanks to the fourteen wolves.

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