The best foods for cell regeneration

The best foods for cell regeneration

The human body is able to regenerate itself naturally and at certain intervals.

The skin regenerates in 30 days, while the red blood cells regenerate in four months.

Financial stress is a serious threat to human health
Every day, the body discharges a full 50 billion cells.

According to the data, this wonderful body regenerative ability has inspired scientists to find many cures for various diseases and injuries of the limbs.

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The superpower of the body has given birth to the so-called Regenerative Medicine which aims to fight the inflammation that occurs in the body and guaranteeing health.

Regenerative medicine is also based on a healthy diet that allows cells to regenerate more easily and inflammation to disappear quickly.

The Link Between Inflammation And Cell Regeneration

Inflammation usually occurs when the body suffers a certain injury.

Injury destroys cells and the latter do not complete the regeneration process.

To help the cells, one must eat the proper foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

One can easily distinguish whether a food fights inflammation or not based on its color.

The general rule is that the dish of a meal should be iridescent.

According to information, orange foods like carrots are rich in vitamin A.

This vitamin helps regenerate the lungs and skin.

Green foods, on the other hand, are rich in the vitamin B complex, while red foods contain vitamin C and antioxidants.

Best Foods That Fight Inflammation

Forest Fruits

These fruits are very rich in antioxidants and vitamins which suppress inflammation and support the process of cell repair.

They also improve liver function and relieve joint pain.

Seafood Products

These foods are essential for health because they contain fatty acids that fight inflammation.

The seafood offers us good health for our brain and heart.


This vegetable is rich in substances that fight inflammation, support the liver and the whole body regeneration process.

On the other hand, broccoli is a very good vegetable for cleansing the body of toxins.


This spicy tuber is a good friend for health.

It fights inflammation right from the start and lends support to the natural regeneration process.

Arrows and Seeds

Seeds and nuts are very rich in fatty acids and proteins.

In addition to supporting the regeneration process they help to lose extra pounds.

Nuts, almonds, flaxseeds are excellent against inflammation.


Fungal substances are good for protecting the liver cells from inflammation and to cleanse the body naturally.

Keep in mind that nature has provided man with the proper tools to fight disease and to live a healthy life.

The choice is yours. Eat healthy.

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