The Most Traded Products in the Forex Market

  The Most Traded Products in the Forex Market

Forex Market , Forex Market , most-traded products in the Forex market . Major parities , Stocks category , Index category , Commodity category

Most-traded products in the Forex market :

The most-traded products in the Forex market differ according to their categories. The most-traded forex assets in the product groups such as foreign currency, precious metal, shares, index, energy, commodities, bonds are generally the same as spot markets.
On the other hand, the most traded products in the Forex market may differ from time to time according to the investment strategies of the market participants. Namely; Central banks, banks, funds, pension funds, insurance funds, which are participants of the Forex market, briefly manage the portfolio and risk, depending on the economic conjuncture, as well as corporate and individual investor audiences online. Therefore, although the top 30 most traded products in Forex generally do not vary, the top 50 products may differ.

Product categories traded in the Forex market :

The main product categories :

The main product categories traded in the Forex market include parities (currency pairs), commodities, stocks, indices, bonds and bonds. To better explain, let's examine what are the most traded product categories in the Forex market; Parities: The financial term that shows the value of one country currency compared to the other country's currency. Parities are divided into three sub-categories: major, minor and exotic, depending on the trading volume and liquidity.

Major parities; They are the currency pairs consisting of the most liquid currencies most used in world trade. Major parities are those with less fluctuations and hard price movements. such as :

Forex Market , most-traded products in the Forex market . Major parities , Stocks category , Index category , Commodity category

    EURUSD parity, USDJPY parity, GBPUSD parity, USDCHF parity, AUDUSD parity, USDCAD parity, EURJPY parity, EURGBP parity.

Minor parities; They are currency pairs that have less trading volume than major currencies. Currency pairs with currencies such as New Zealand, Hong Kong Dollars and Singapore Dollars are examples of minor parities.

Exotic parities ; They are high volatility currency pairs that are less liquid than major and minor currencies. Examples are the currency pairs with the Mexican Peso and the Gunay African Rand currency.

Stocks category: Futures and cfd products, where the stocks of the world's largest companies such as Apple Intel Microsoft Facebook Amazon Coca Cola , Mcdonalds , Pfızer and Google are the underlying assets, are traded in the stock category.

Index category: Futures and cfd products, where the indices of the largest stock exchanges of the world are the underlying assets, are traded. Investments can be made in futures and cfd products of stock market indices such as S&P 500 ,  CAC 40 ,  NASDAQ 100 ,  FTSE 100 , DAX 30 , NIKKEI 225 .

Commodity category: Forex market is a market where a wide variety of different commodities are traded simultaneously. E.g; In the precious metal product group, commodities such as gold, platinum and silver can also be traded online simultaneously. As energy commodities, oil, natural gas, crude oil, fueloil commodities are examples. A wide range of agricultural products, including soy, cotton, cocoa, corn, wheat, can be counted in the agricultural commodity product group.
In the fixed income product category, 5, 10, 30 years of US bonds and bills can be traded in futures and CFD contracts of the underlying asset of bonds and bills of many countries including Eurobonds.

Briefly, a wide range of futures and cfd products are traded on the same trading platform in Forex market, with many different risks and returns. More than 160 products can be traded from one account at GCM Forex, one of the industry's leading and awarded institutions.

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