How many millionaires under fourty-40 manage their money ?

How many millionaires under fourty-40 manage their money?

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What strategies do millionaires make who haven't turned fourty-40 to manage all the money they have?

Exactly, a report published showed some interesting trends in the strategies that young millionaires use to manage their money.

The results of this study, along with those of other study agencies, on how you invest your money Young and rich people can offer lessons to people who do not yet have access to that wealth range but aspire to achieve it. lucky status.

They have a lot of money

millionaires under 40 years of age have about a third of their cash assets, including cash and bank savings, like a checking account.

When asked why it was important for them to have so much money, 17% of new investors said they wanted to be ready to jump into the right investment opportunities when they presented themselves. While 31% said they wanted to have the cash to live the lifestyle they want.

Other data reveal that about 28% of young millionaires He said it was important for them to have money as a way to protect themselves from market volatility.

They spread their bets

While for the portion of their wealth that is invested, the young and the rich do not rely too much on a single strategy. Approximately 30% of their assets were managed by equity managers who can help them build a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other traditional investments.

However, about 40% of its portfolios were split between less traditional investments, including real estate, a business and other alternative investments.

They consult their friends and the internet

When looking for tips on how to best manage your money, those millionaires New people are more likely to turn to family, friends and the Internet for guidance than to hire a professional compared to previous generations.

Invest with a purpose

In addition to looking for investments that will increase their portfolios, many new investors - and not just the wealthy - want to know that their money is directed to social causes that are important to them.

Through a strategy known as socially responsible investing, some investors They work with a consultant to dedicate some of their money to companies they think are working to move forward on a particular issue, such as climate change.

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