How to start a mini-market business?

How to start a mini-market business?

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An entrepreneur's vision has no limits, within that are those who have a grocery store and the time comes when they have to make the decision to take the business to a new level of business, a minimarket.

What is the supermarket?

It is a small trade selling products that make up basic baskets, as well as other consumer products: cleaning, beverages and more. One of its key features is that they manage the concept of self-service in the sense that customers enter the institution, get the products they need and then go on to pay in cash.

What is needed?

Getting started working in a mini-supermarket requires different types of furniture, to design the infrastructure it will have, for a better job. We can mention:

1-The shelves !!.
2- Cooling and freezing equipment.
3- Cash register or point of sale (POS).
4- Digital Balance
5- Baskets and supermarket carts.
6- Devices.
7- Counter.
8- Illuminated signs
9- Tables and chairs for on-site food consumption (optional).
10- Microwave oven
11- Coffee maker
12- Kitchen utensils
13- Security camera circuit.

As for the investment that may be average, calculated in terms of projected size, we are talking about an initial investment between at least 7000 USD and a working capital of 12000 USD for cash purchases, a sum of directly related to the business image, the quality of equipment to be purchased and the number of staff to be employed.

Other aspects to consider within the mini-market are:

1- strategic Location.
2- Home delivery.
3- Newspaper point of sale.
4- Public telephony.
5- Banking agents ( etc.).
6- ATM.

Some tips:

Hire a security agent to protect premises in the event of robberies or acts of violence that may arise.

Keep high-cost products protected against theft, inside glass shelves, to prevent theft.
To achieve greater success, you can get the mini-market with a variety of products, this way your customers will know you have the necessary products without having to travel long distances to get it.
The client needs to be an essential point and a constant review, as well as training and training your staff, to be able to form a strong team.

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