The secret to success

The secret to success

The secret to success, Myths about Success , Success is not a question of talent , The Myth of Capital , The myth of cobblestone or robbery , Myth Doesn't Know , Myth of Fate , Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

I have always been a serious scholar of success. I have studied countless materials, studied successful people closely, either through books or by observing their lives and how it progresses.
It's incredible how few are truly happy. How few those who have lived the life they have always dreamed of.
When you look at the surveys you will draw some very useful conclusions.
In principle, only 1% of the population is happy. If you think this is because of the economic crisis you are wrong.
If you look at a 1970 study, you would see the rate again at 1%.
1% are happy nowadays, I just have the feeling that the remaining 99% is even happier sec was before.

Most surprising is why more people do not strive for this 1%.
This is not that difficult.
Success leaves a mark.
There are countless books pointing the way, it's the internet where you can find valuable material.
Success nowadays is so deciphered that there is no secret.
Whoever decides to succeed and give himself all in this direction and will succeed.
The problem is not that the world tries and fails. The problem is you don't try. Even if they start at the first obstacle, enter at night and it will return to where it was before.
You have realized that at this point I equate success with happiness.
It is my mistake to equate them so, but most of the time we spend in life, let it be something that makes us happy. Let's work on something we love.
Being working on something you love is certainly a success.
What prevents us then? Let's look at some of the most important obstacles that we ourselves put in our way.

Myths about Success

A very common myth is the myth of the environment. As Style Excuses: I was born poor, I was born an orphan, my father is an alcoholic, my parents beat me, etc. The
environment and the past do not determine success.
 There are examples of people who were homeless and are very successful today.
Examples of people who came out of the ghetto and live an amazing life.
One of the greatest internet marketers of our time, Frank Kern, grew up in a ghetto dipped in drugs.
In his youth, he lived in a container!
Where we come from doesn't matter. The examples are innumerable.

Success is not a question of talent

Success is not a question of intelligence
The classic case of disorientation. People believe that success is a matter of intelligence.
I have met some very rich people in my life and I can assure you that most of them do not have high intelligence.
Some of them are, yes, very smart. But most are ordinary people like you and me.
Success is not a matter of ingenuity. There are plenty of smart homeless on the street.
Success is not a matter of talent
Talent alone means nothing. Thousands and talents are lost.
Talent has to be worked on and used different means nothing.
What really matters is knowing your talents, the points at which you are good and can use them as a weapon.
Your strengths are what will give you success.
When I talk about strengths, a special story always comes to my mind.
Once upon a time, there was a 20-year-old young. His parents had a clothing store on the verge of bankruptcy.
Before closing it forever, he asked his parents to give him an opportunity to take over the store and try to revive it.
So He took over the store and started looking for ways in which he could support it.
From a book then, he learned how to succeed as an entrepreneur, he had to build on his strengths. You have to make a list, trying to identify what these are and then try to fulfill his business.

During those years he used to go from club to club. He knew well what a young man his age wants.
So he decided to use this knowledge in his business and transform his parents' shop, the perfect destination for young people.
He had youthful clothes, strange lighting, and loud music. Recruiting and popular DJs to play a few days.
From an ordinary clothing store, he turned it into something special.
Competition and big companies tried to copy it, but none succeeded because no one knew young men like him. The 60-year-old director of a multinational company could never compete with him.
One of our strengths is our talent. We are all equipped, each in his own way.
What really matters is cultivating and utilizing this talent in our lives.

The Myth of Capital

Many people believe that capital needs success. As a necessary source of income.
The great Antony Robins says: "It doesn't matter how many resources you have, but how resourceful you are."
In my translation:
"No matter how many sources of income you have, but how imaginative you are."
The examples are still many. People who were not fortunate in the sun today have great wealth.
If the lack of capital is your excuse, you think that all those people who could choose the same excuse but are not chosen to do so.
Especially nowadays, with the internet and social media, you can have your online business for just a few euros.
That's how I started.
I learned how to make a website as I was unable to hire a professional.

The myth of cobblestone or robbery

This myth is of great interest. Many people think that to succeed you have to do some sort of cabins or stepping on corpses.
It is true that many people have gone this way before, but that alone should not happen.
These people are minorities anyway.
Most people started working hard providing services.
If you want to have a successful business, you need to provide a service that exceeds the monetary value needed for this service.
If you want to live a happy life, feel full and fulfilled, you will have to offer and to offer you have to build something real.
If you make fun of the world, in the short run it may turn out to be good in the long run, but believe me, in the long run, you will regret it.
The same thing happens with those who think we can get what we can now (robbers).
Most people deal with these things in their early days. I am a few years in this field and have worked with some people in the beginning.
Most want to make a website, fill it with some text from other websites, fill it with ads and make money.
Usually, the first thing I get asked is how to upload ads to a site.
Don't realize that first, you have to give and then how to get.
Basically, if you focus on how you give, how you get yourself resolved.

Myth Doesn't Know

The biggest difference between success and failure lies in this myth. Most people ask what you need to know to succeed if you don't know how to do it, say "I can't do it."
The truth is, it just does but I don't know how. His work is paved and learns how.
To be successful, look at what you need to do to succeed and if you do not know how to do it, add it to the list of things you need to learn.
If you want to succeed you need to get rid of such reasoning.
No one, ever, started out as experienced. Success comes with practice.
When I started writing I used to spend hours writing such an article. Today I just sit and throw it away.
One of my meditators, Dan Kennedy, can write a book in 4 days!
When I heard it in a seminar, I didn't believe it. I thought it was impossible.
But as I began to study it closely and to see the amount of work it did, I realized that what I heard at the seminar was absolutely true.
Zig Ziglar used to say that if success is a mystery to you, follow a successful person for a week, and when you see the amount of work you do, success will not be a mystery to you.
Our society understands the benefits of exercising the body, but they do not fully understand the spirit or the mind.
You know that if you start doing gymnastics, within a few months your body will have completely changed.
The same is true with the mind.
If you find that lack of any quality impedes your success, then follow it.
Soon you'll be playing it at your fingertips.
If you start to work in this direction you will find that the space that divides you is easy to overcome. 

Myth of Fate

This is another great excuse. You need the help of luck to succeed.
I know many people agree, but I don't believe in luck.
I believe in the relationship between cause and effect.
There are rules that determine success. If you follow these rules, success will come. It is a question of cause and effect.
It is true that bad things happen in life. The point is if you let them stop you.
We have an obligation to do our best to achieve our dreams. If things happen that we cannot control and fail, we can try again.
Basically, you didn't fail until you abandoned it. If you abandon it, you have failed, but I have not met any of those who succeeded with that thought and failed.
I will conclude this article by quoting the definition of success as Earl Nightingale, who devoted his life to studying success and to the end, resulted in this definition.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." !!

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